Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Belgian Beers - New Look

I just realized we have been drinking beers for this blog (well .. ahem ...) for 5 years now! That is a lot of Belgian beers.

Hope you like the new look. Please, tell me - do you like the new look? I am in the middle of re-discovering the joys of social sharing (media) so all good. I might even get back to blogging soon, who knows? :)


Craig Gregory said...

Hey Andreea,

I fell in love with Belgian beer after a trip to Bruges a couple of years back. It's nice to find a blog from someone who is able to sample the best beer in the world!

Anyway, keep posting, and let's see some more tasty beer pics!

Rockmanie said...

Like the new look! Keep up blogging!

Marko said...

Just keep drinking 'n blogging!