Thursday, September 23, 2010

Belgian Beer no.333-336: des Fagnes Beers

Not panicking, but we do have about 40 beers waiting to be blogged about. So if we are to keep this Belgian Beers blog going here goes ...

333: Saison des Fagnes, a beer I like, golden and creamy, 5.5%
334: Super des Fagnes Brune, caramel and cream, 7.5%
335: Scotch des Fagnes, spices and fruits, stro-hong, 8.5%
336: Super des Fagnes Griottes, fruity and cherry, 4.5%

1 comment:

bazza said...

Hi. Is this a new brewer? I have never seen the name before! I won't be back in Belgium until next spring and I can't wait!
(I like the new clean look to your blog by the way)