Sunday, September 26, 2010

Belgian Beer no.338: Hopus

I keep coming back to Hopus. I absolutely LOVE this beer.
It's maybe a trendy beer for the moment ... I don't know.

Of course the whole gimmick about the glass, the yeast in the mini-glass, the double mat helps.

It's art: hop+opus=hopus
It's beer: five different types of hops.
It's strong: 8.3%

Depending on tastes you either drink it 'clear' and leave the yeast in the mini-glass aside, or you drink it 'mixed' with the yeast. Tried it both ways, prefer the clear version.


bazza said...

I have seen Hopus on a menu before but never tried it. 8.3% is a bit strong for my taste!
Is it always served that way?
By the way, I like the shape of the glass. I bought a Zot glass recently, which was a similar shape.

Frank Eeckman said...

I love these old bottles. Beer is excellent too