Friday, May 16, 2008

Belgian Beer no.223: Cuvée Angélique

May. May isn't really computer friendly. Belgium sees a lot of days off in May (a Thursday there, a Monday here) which translates into a lot of long weekends. None of them spent at home in front of the computer. We've been to the Netherlands. We've been to France. We're off to the Czech Republic. So not much time left for beer blogging ... BUT: here Belgian Beer 223.
Cuvee Angelique. In case you're lost, we're still at the Zythos Festival.
Cuvee Angelique is a hazy brown coloured beer, with a creamy white head. At 8.5% quite a strong beer. Malt taste. Some toast. Fruits? Probably all a matter of taste. A nice beer. From Brasserie De Glazen Toren.

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