Friday, May 23, 2008

10 Best Beer Names. Ever.

Ah ... why not? Then again all of them are non-Belgian.
So here is your homework :) for the weekend: what are your top 10 Belgian Beer names? Spread the word on this top ten and let me know. If we have enough answers (well at least 10 of them) I'll compile a top 10 Belgian Beer names next week.
Have a good (beery) weekend everyone.


Noggin said...

Struggled to find 10, but of the list I have, I'll submit :-

Brass'âne De Pisselotte



Slag Pils



La Botteresse

Dulle Teve - Mad Bitch

Rob said...

Fun topic... Off the top of my head:

1 Pilaarbijter
2 Dolle Teve
3 Pissenlit
4 Piraat
5 Mort Subite
6 Cochonnette
7 Dragon!
8 Duvel
9 La Chouffe
10 Delerium Tremens

Chela said...

Great food for thought!! For me, the most interesting so far are:

Chimay capsule Bleu
De Koninck Blonde
Duchesse de Bourgogne
Dobbelen Bruinen
La Chouffe
Tripel Karmeliet
XX Bitter
Gueze Vigneronne

Haya Salud

Joe S. said...

I was surprised when I realized that most of these are actually pretty good. Think I'll avoid the Sexy Lager though.

1. Avec Les Bons Voeux de la Brasserie Dupont
2. Tsjeeses (Christmas beer pronounced "Jesus")
3. Satan
4. Black Albert
5. Brise-BonBons!
6. Rubbel Sexy Lager
7. Strange Ghost
8. Dulle Teve
9. Delirium Tremens
10. Mea Culpa

VdeAlmeida said...

When I read the comments above I wonder: are trappist off topic?
Well, no matter. Here it is, my top-10

Westvleteren 12
Rochefort Trappist 10
Chimay Bleu
Avec les bons voeux
Bush Prestige
Tripel Karmeliet


Noggin said...

I think the idea was favourite beer names, but since we're on topic of top 10 beers then :-

1. Pannepot Old Monks Ale
2. Pannepot Old Fishermans Ale
3. Westvleteren 12
4. Dulle Teve
5. Westmalle Triple
6. Rochefort 10
7. Westvleteren 8
8. Delirium Tremens
9. St Idesbald Triple
10.St Feuillien Triple

Andreea - we need a poll!!!

Maggie said...

Delirium Tremens ... love the name and the beer!