Monday, May 05, 2008

Belgian Beer no.206: X-Mas Blond

Moving on. The X-Mas Blond. An ale type beer, at 8% very much a Christmas strong beer. Ales are not really my type, but an ok beer. Probably best to drink it when it's really cold outside.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but almost all of the beers you have been blogging about are actually ales. An ale is a beer brewed with top-fermenting yeast. I can only strongly urge you to read up a bit on the basics of how beer is made and what kind of beer styles there are.

Andreea said...

hi i appreciate the comment :)
somehow none of the beers except this one is being described as an 'ale' on the brewery's website... so although i agree with the beer making style, i am simply follwing the accepted description of the respective websites. and where applicable give an input on what i thought of the beer. any further input though is appreciated. and just for info, this blog is just a hobby ... by no means a scientifc one :)