Saturday, August 26, 2006

Belgian Beer no.77: Belgian Beer Paradise

If you will ever make it to Brussels, finally past the Belgian Beer bars, then you might pay a visit to the Belgian Beer Museum. The beers they serve are very much your 'standard' beers. The idea behind these beers is to take you through the different types of Belgian Beers.

Never short of a Belgian Beer we are!

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Ben said...

Andreea - This is Ben from - you left us a comment a few days back. I am completely jealous of you! Living in Belgium, you have access to some of the best beers in the world! I am actually planning a motorcycle tour to each of the Belgian Trappist Monastaries next April - can't wait. Feel free to contribute to Sevenpack anytime. :)

Andreea said...

hey ben, will be dropping by again. yuor upcoming trip sounds great. let me know if you need some info, etc