Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Belgian Beer no.74: de Koninck

On our recent two day trip to Antwerp all we did was hide from the rain, eat good food and try the local Belgian Beer. A popular amongst the Antwerpists (?), de Koninck is a great Belgian Beer. The website reads ‘De Koninck. A taste of Antwerp’. Very much their own local beer which I can certify, they absolutely love (in Antwerp). And a great beer it is too. Very refreshing, very clean.

The De Koninck Brewery brews only three beers: the brown, the blonde and the winter de Koninck. So if ever in Antwerp make sue to try some out. You won’t be disappointed. And if you really want to impress, then you'll ask for a 'bolleke' which means the shape of the glass in Flemish but has become synomymous with the de Koninck beer ... so everyone will understand you.

And something of a tradition, I didn’t repeat since Belgian Beer no. 56, the usual recipe to go with the beer.

Chicken liver in sour-sweet de Koninck (serves 4)
500gr chicken liver
1/2dl red wine vinegar
1dl boiled down de Koninck blond
20gr chives
50gr wild rice
50gr honey
2dl demi glace
40gr butter
50gr rice
Salt and pepper

Allow the honey to caramelize slightly, extinguish with red wine vinegar.
Add demi glace and the beer.
Prepare the sauce for use with butter.
Boil the wild rice separately from the white rice; after sufficient boiling time, add a bit of pepper, salt and olive oil.
Cut up the chives very fine.
Fry the chicken liver rosé and flavor with salt and pepper.
Press the rice into a timbale and pour it down onto a hot plate, coat underneath the sauce and arrange the degreased chicken liver, sprinkle the whole with chives.
(recipe taken from de Koninck website)
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