Saturday, August 19, 2006

Belgian Beer no.76: Witkap Stimulo

I already mentioned the brewery visit. Besides the (known) Witkap series – the Stimulo, the Dubbele and the Tripel, we discovered some more beers … but no, didn’t try them all out. There is a limit, even in Belgium.

However just to take you trough the range of the beers available at the Slagmuylder Brewery: the three Witkaps (they can all be seen in the picture). Furthermore, there is the Greut Lawauitj, the Slag (a lager beer), the Helles (again pictured), the Tafel Hell, the Oud Bier, the Paasbier (Eastern beer), and the Christmas beer. We promised ourselves we’ll go back to buy one of each, so eventually I’mm sure they’ll grace the pages of this blog.


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