Thursday, July 06, 2006

Belgian Beer no.70: Grisette

Moving on to the next beer in my personal quest for Belgian Beer. All see is Belgian Beer. All I drink is Belgian Beer. All I write about is Belgian Beer. All I dream about is Belgian Beer. When will it all end?
The next (and it is only number 70!) is the Grisette Blanche. In Belgian terms this is considered a special Belgian Beer, because of its low alcohol content at only 5%. Advertised as a very fresh summer beer, I have to admit I liked it less than other white Belgian Beers. Then again my Belgian Beer of choice at the moment with the heat and all is a very fresh Hoegaarden with a slice of lemon. Chic.

Already mentioned under Beer no.56, the Grisette Blanche is produced by the Brasserie Friart, together with the Grisette Blonde 5%, the Grisette Amber 4.5%, the Grisette Fruit 3.5%. And of course the whole range of St. Feuillien range of Belgian Beers.

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