Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Belgian Beer no.31: Saint Idesbald, the mystery

Sometimes it is almost close to impossible to locate the beers I am looking for. Brewers, producers are all mixed, so that you start with a name, then realize the beer is actually known under a different name, then you come across an abbey which leads you to another producer and … finally you get to find the beer.
I embarked on this virtual journey for the Saint Idesbald Brune. As it was served in the L’Ultime Atome without me actually seeing the bottle – I had to spent some time locating it.
The beer is brewed by the Abbey of Saint Idesbald, but if this abbey actually exists or not … no idea! I know the beer figures now among the beers of Delirium. Besides the ones we tried, the Brune (8%), there is also the Blonde (6.2%), and the Triple (9%).
I am planning for a while now to visit the Delirium brewery as they have one of my all time favorite beers, the Floris Miel, so I might come back on these beers once I know more.
No recipe.


pcpod said...

I have just been reading about our Belgian beers. This could be a daunting task and I am glad you decided to tackle it. I am more of a drinker than a writer. That in mind, your complete sentences are clear indication that you take your duty seriously and in moderation. I raise my stein to you.

Glibbidy said...

love the delerium tremens, pink elephnats and all!

Andreea said...

pc pod - indeed, but what a great task ahead :)
glibbidy - me too, pink or no pink elephants. will try to write on one soon.