Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Belgian Beer no.5: Tongerlo, an abbey beer

As always, Wednesday afternoon was spent in Place Chatelaine shopping, and having a drink. To my great joy, friends agreed to try new beers out so as to help me progress with my Belgian Beer page. Since starting the Blog, I co-opted friends to help me write it, and on more occasions than one to act as ‘experimental subjects’. No complaints so far.

This is how the Tongerlo beer made it to these pages. The beer is brewed in the Tongerlo abbey by the Norbertines of Tongerlo, Tongerlo Abbey is one of the most beautiful abbeys in Belgium, well worth a visit. And a gastronomic discovery, as the monks sell farm bread, butter, cheese, biscuits baked according to time-honoured traditions and of course the Tongerlo abbey beers.

Four Tongerlo beers are brewed there, the double brown and double blond, the triple blond and the Tongerlo Christmas, which as the name says it is only available during the holiday season. And of course, as it is always the case with Belgian beers, these beers come as well with their own Tongerlo glass.

Quiche with Tongerlo (serves 4)

400g flour
30g butter
10g salt
1 Tongerlo triple blond

4 leeks
40g butter
100g bacon
1/4l cream
8 eggs
some Tongerlo triple blond
nutmeg, s&p

Mix the ingredients for the pastry with ½ of the beer, and leave the mixture in the fridge overnight.
Next day, cut the 4 leeks in fine rings and lightly fry them in the butter. Pour over some Tongerlo, and add the bacon strips (or cubes) to the mixture.
Preheat oven to 180°.
Boil the cream and 1/4l of Tongerlo.
Mix 5 egg yolks and 3 egg whites with salt, a lot of pepper, and the nutmeg.
Pour the cream mixture and the egg mixture together in one bowl.
Spread the pastry out on a round ovenproof dish.
Put the leek and bacon mixture on first, then pour over the egg and cream mixture.
In the oven for 20min or till golden.
Ideally served with a fresh salad on the side.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer Leffe beer, but I must admit that the Tongerlo glass is almost as attractive! Must try the quiche recipe, though - I bet every expensive calory is worth it!!!