Thursday, November 11, 2010

Belgian Beer no.350: Saint Martin Cuvee de Noel

Just a taster of what's to come ...

Christmas beers are making their appearance. Too early? Maybe. Too strong? Definitely! Did we miss them? For sure.

The Saint Martin Noel, tasted in a dark and cozy bar in down town Brussels surrounded by tourists! Brewed by Brasserie de Brunehaut, the Saint Martin Cuvee de Noel is one of those beers that simply knocks you out without you realizing it.

Let me explain: it is spicy, it is aromatic, it is also 8.5%! You don't have many of these. But it does taste nice. And the glass is a work of art.


bazza said...

I agree that the Christmas beers are rather strong but the odd one or two are very enjoyable.
I hope we tourists don't give you too many problems!

Beer Club said...

Hello Andreea,

You've got a great blog here with some very interesting beer reviews. I'm involved with something similar here in Australia, namely an online boutique beer store and blog - which by the way stocks a number of Belgian-style brews. I would be keen to swap links with you if you're interested?

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muito boa sua paginaa...é sempre bom saber que a cultura cervejeira esta sendo movida com pessoas de valor....já sou seguido do belgian beers...conheça meu blog link abaixo.

Ein Prosit !!!!! said...

Awesome beer glass!!!

builder53 said...

The beer sounds very intriguing indeed but I must offer as a long, long time Belgian chaser that 8.5 abv is pretty much a common range for a very high percentage of Belgians hence the many, many, many Belgian "strong ales."

emagine said...

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