Wednesday, December 24, 2008

300 Belgian Beers and 2009

Hello Andreea ... now that you have tasted 297 Belgian beers are there 4 or 5 that you would consider favorites?
John from TX
Hi John from TX,
We did indeed make our way through 300 Belgian Beers and there are always favorites. Depending on mood and offer, I'll never turn down a fresh Leffe Blonde or in the summer, a Hoegaarden. Yes, we are spoiled with choice in Belgium but there is only that much effort you can put into always trying out a new beer.
However, 5 Belgian Beers stood out this past 300 beers - in no particular order:
And with this, dear Belgian Beer friends I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and let's make it to 400 in 2009!


Anonymous said...

Dear Andreea,

All the best for 2009 to you too! Thanks for keeping up such an original blog, I am sure that updating it with posts (which implies trying new beers) has been a pleasure!
I'll try to help out sending in a couple I have tasted recently if that's ok.

It is quite impressive that you have reached 300, and might go up to 400 this year...these are serious figures!

All the best,

A Brussels Nostalgic

john said...

Hello Andreea ... thanks for sharing the 5 beer that stood out of the 300. Unfortunately, I'll never get to try them here in TX. The good thing is I'll be visiting Belgian in the near future and they are now on my find and try list.
All the best for reaching the 400 mark in 2009!!
John from TX

Andreea said...

Hi ABN - looking forward to the reviews. It's only with the help of dedicated readers/ testers that we reached 300. So let's try to make it to 400 this year :)

John, hope you'll get to try a lot more beers in Belgium - let me know which ones you find great. There is plenty of choice.

Bart said...

Nice Blog!
I like Belgian Beer :-)