Thursday, February 22, 2007

Belgian Beers - Guest Writers Wanted

My initial aim - still going strong - was to cover all the Belgian beers available. Of course what I realized down the line was that there are SO many Belgian beers it might take me a lifetime to taste/ write on all of them.
The problem also comes from the geographical location of the Belgian beers, not all of them available in Brussels.
Which is why I am looking for guest writers! If you like (love?) Belgian beers, and they haven't yet been featured on this blog then why not give it a go? All I ask for is a photo of the beer, maybe even with the matching glass, and a short tasting note in English. Of course credits will be given to you! With links to your own blog/ beer site/ whichever suits.
Now all I have to do is wait ... and wait ... and wait. Which doesn't mean I won't continue drinking and writing on my very own tasted Belgian beers.


maarten said...

Of course, you could also ask people to give you some beers! :-)

Andreea said...

of course i could. i wonder if that idea will go far :)

Chiva Congelado said...

Heh, I've been doing the same thing. If there are any beers that I have reviewed so far that you haven't yet, you're free to post my review in your blog (with link, of course).

Stonch said...

Hi Andreea. See here - - please feel free to reproduce my photo and review of St Bernardus Abt 12 on your site. You may wish to miss out the section on the history of the beer - it appears to have caused some controversy! Cheers, Stonch.

Glibbidy said...

count me in!

Nicole said...

I just found your blog yesterday. I <3 Belgian beer. I am going out for some tonight but I don't have my camera. I will see what I can do to help as I become acquainted with your list. (I don't have to be in Belgium, right?)

I think this is quickly going to become one of my favorite blogs!