Thursday, December 07, 2006

Belgian Beer no.112: Brunehaut

I do start to wonder if anyone, at anytime has succeeded in writing on ALL the Belgian Beers available. To me it just seems they are multiplying not diminishing. And trust me we do try hard to drink beer and write about it.
Brunehaut. An amber beer, 6.5%, brewed by the Brasserie Brunehaut. We had this beer somewhere in the south of Belgium, as I didn't come across it in Brussels. Quite bitter for my taste, but a nice beer. Different (if I remember correctly).
Other beers brewed by the Brasserie Brunehaut are the Brunehaut Villages Blonde 6.5%, the Brunehaut Tradition Amber 6.5% (the one I had), the Biere du Mont St-Aubert (to follow), the Blanche du Brunehaut bio 5%, the Belle de Pevele, the Abbaye Saint Martin Blonde 7% and the Brunehaut All Black Marasi. Talk about having your work cut out for yourself ...

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