Thursday, February 23, 2006

Belgian Beer no.20: Cuvee des Trolls

The Cuvee des Trolls is a beer we bought purely based on the name and the label. I never heard of it before, but it was too difficult to resist the label. The beer is brewed by the Dubuisson Brewery, which was created in 1769, making it the oldest brewery in Wallonia.
Among the best-known beers of the brewery is the Bush beer, however this time around I tried the Cuvee des Trolls. Besides these two beers, Dubuisson produces the Bush de Noel (12%), the Bush Blonde (10,5%), and the Bush Prestige (13%). The Cuvee des Trolls is a blond beer, fresh, full and well balanced, beautifully scented with dried orange peel.
And why is it called the Cuvee des Trolls (the cave of the trolls)? Well this and much more can be found on their website where the legend of the trolls and the beer are explained into great detail. Mind the trolls jumping up and down the screen!
No recipe.

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