Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Belgian Beer no.17: Duchesse du Bourgogne

A new discovery for me, but such a lovely beer. I loved the aroma, the slightly toasted and nutty, yet sweet taste. Oh, and the name. But then again what’s in a name?
The Duchesse du Bourgogne is brewed at the Brewery Verhaege, its existence dating back to 1892. This is the beauty with Belgian beers, they all have years of history behind them. Still a family business, the brewery produces 6 beers today: the Cambrinus, the Christmas-Verhaege, the Duchesse du Bourgogne – tried and tested, the Echte Kriek, which means as much as the real Kriek, the Verhaege Pils and the Vichtenaar.
I wonder how long it will take me to go through all the different beers Belgium has to offer, big and small producers alike? The Duchesse du Bourgogne has a fruity character, and 6,2% alcohol. Usually served between 8 and 12°C.
No recipe.


Nico said...

Funnily, this is a beer that I got to know only when I moved to the US. Even though I thought it isn't too bad, I'd pick a Leffe Blonde over this anytime.

Glibbidy said...

I hope it takes you at least one lifetime to drink your way thru all the beers that Belgium has to offer. With over three thousand breweries in Belgium your work is surly cut out for you. :)

Andreea said...

Nico, that's a surprise. Personally I like it, but fully understand why you'd got for a Leffe :)

Glibbidy, it's a long road ahead. I have help, still it's a lot of beer drinking for both of us. All in the name of research of course :)