Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Belgian Beer no.281: Leffe Radieuse

You know what this blog is missing? Mainstream beers. The ones you find in every bar. All the time. The standard beers.
Should we start? I would guess that somewhere somehow I touched upon standard beers, but not many.
Voila - la Leffe Radieuse. A very rich beer and also very strong at 8.2%. There is a little fruit to it, a little spice, and general hoppiness.


Anonymous said...


Ahh, Leffe, a world classic! Leffe blonde is one of my favorite beers, to have anytime, especially on an unusually warm, sunny spring day on the Sablon. One the simple pleasures of life!
But sometimes I can´t help seeing them as trying to diversify too much, wanting to compete in all ranges and styles of beer. One of the guiding principles of a market economy which actually creates diversity, but in my opinion not applicable to any kind of product. The perfect example is the Leffe 9 that came out a couple of years ago, a 9% blond. In my opinion, totally unnecesary. I think it is better to stick at what you excel, in this case a great blond and brune, refreshing and consistent enough to give you the impression you are having something special, but without going too much on the heavy side. Which means you can have a couple while chatting on Place Luxembourg without going back home drunk in the middle of the week.
So out of the whole Leffe range, my favourite ones are definitely blond and brune, and personally I find Radieuse and Triple really not that great in comparison with other beers in that strength and style range. Despite what I have said, I haven´t tasted the 9, will do so out of curiosty but I don´t expect to be surprised, or maybe I will?

What is your favorite Leffe beer?

Thanks for the posts!

A Brussels Nostalgic

Andreea said...

ABN - i share the same like. leffe blonde is my 'regular' when we don't try out all different belgian beers