Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Belgian Beer no.262: Hoegaarden Citron

Yeah, ok, I know it is mass produced and I know a lot of you go 'hrumph' but there are mass produced beers I like. And then there are others I don't.
Hoegaarden brought out summer versions, one of which is Hoegaarden Citron (lemon). And when it's hot and sunny, I think this is the perfect 3% beer. Voila!


Josmans said...

Hey Andreea,

Finally made it over to your other blog, and what a blog it is!! I am currently living in the US, and I must say, I miss my dear Belgian beers... Although I must say, the the Belgians are quite well represented here in Philly! There's about 4 or five Belgian beer bars scattered throughout the city and many other bars serve Belgian beers as well (although it's usually mass produced ones so...). Now, in reference to your Hoegaarden Citron post; you should try to get a decent Hoegaarden in the US... They all serve it with a lime or lemon in the beer, no collar and almost flat (no acid left in the beer). I personally can enjoy a nice cold frothy Hoegaarden on a warm summer's day, but not like this... So I'm quite sceptical about this Citron beer, although it would be a huge success in the US I'm sure.

Have a good one, and I'll be a regular visitor to your blog, to scope out some new and unknown beers!


Anonymous said...

I have fallen in love with Hoegaarden Citron. It is so light and refreshing. It IS the perfect beer for a hot day. I will miss it when I head back to the States. I just wish I had discovered it earler during my 17 days in Brussels!