Saturday, July 12, 2008

Belgian Beer no.247: Aardmonnik

Thank God for guest writers/ readers of Belgian-Beers.EU - otherwise I am not sure we'll ever get through all the Belgian beers. Problem with Belgium? They don't exactly stop inventing beers so we can go through all of them...
A series of beers reviewed by Michael follows for the next couple of days. This will give us the chance to try and drink some more for you.
Text and photo: Michael
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Sampled this wonderful beer in Kulminator in Antwerp. Brewed by De Struise Brouwers, expectations were high following the Pannepot tried on previous visit. Not realising it was a Flemish Sour Ale, (and not being a particular lover of Sour Ales), I was pleasantly surprised by both the aroma and taste. It poured pretty much the sameas Pannepot, but with an almost cider like aroma. At 8%, the taste was, as the style suggests, sour, but also fruity and sweet, but smooth on the back of the throat. A brilliant beer if you can find it.

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