Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Belgian Beer no.174: Premium Kriek

Because a girl sometimes likes her cherry beer. (No idea why the photo came out fuzzy...)
Brewed by the brewery Vanhonsebrouck, Premium Kriek is a beer brewed following a traditional gueze technique, then adding 25% pure cherry juice. A very light beer at 3.5% which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Having a love/ hate relationship with Krieks I particularly liked this one, as it keeps the sharpness of the cherries intact. And not too sweet.
And because I am in a generous mood, a Belgian recipe using the Premium Kriek:
Sabayon with Premium Kriek
3 egg yolks
3 half egg shell (?) sugar
3 half egg shell (?) Premium Kriek
vanilla ice cream
red berries
Beat the egg yolks, sugar and Kriek together. Continue beating the egg mixture over low heat, till you get a smooth texture. Avoid cooking it over high heat as the eggs will scramble.
Fill a glass with vanilla ice cream, fruits and then pour the sabayon over. Add more fruit on top.


Manolo said...

I visited Belgium for my first time this past Summer and found Kriek beer delicious... although somewhat a hit and miss... The Belle vue was very very good, but for Morte Subite I would stick to framboise, which by the way is one of the very few lambic beers available in Ontario, Canada, where I live. At least from the liquour/beer stores.

Thank you for the recipe!

Patrick said...

really really nice work you have here!!!!

i had a post once about the same topic! see it here!


lets trade links if you want to.. just let me know!
i'll give you a stumble upon thumbs up for now!

Joe said...

Ah, that stuff's candy! Try the sour stuff... Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, etc. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I was in Brussels a couple of weeks ago and yes, it is like candy, but soooooo delicious!

Nea' Ilie said...

Buna, racoritoare si slaba...e preferata prietenei mele care cred ca a baut ceva litri in vara asta:D