Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Belgian Beer no.131: Trappist Rochefort

Here we go. The second beer review written by a guest writer. Wonderful. Thank you :)
Text and photo: A Brussels Nostalgic
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I find myself in the Skieven Architek sipping on one of the best beers of the world (according to experts at ratebeer and beeradvocate) while I use up some hours in Brussels. The drink is a Trappist Rochefort 8, containing some 9,2% alcohol. It's a strong one, and makes me wonder whether the reason I enjoy Brussels so much is because most of the time I spend here I'm actually a bit tipsy.
This town is great! I won't bore you with tasting notes which I often find silly, but with such a consistent beer like this, just one piece of advice: use your senses. Move the beer around in its glass, smell it, taste it , aftertaste it. After a while I'm sure your sight will feel the effects too. A great beer to drink slowly, and the venue is great, with lots of atmosphere, right in front of the Jeu de Balle, great for some flea market shopping - but better come early to find something nice.
Off I go to the airport!

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