Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Belgian Beer no.124: La Divine

Still at the Brasserie de Silly. Introducing my favortie from the Silly beers we tried, La Divine - the divine. I won't deny it, this beer was strong 9.5%, but absolutely pleasant.

An amber beer, it had a hopy, I would even say wooden and smoky taste. A very nice beer. Any ideas where I can find it in Brussels?


galvao99 said...

I love Belgium beer, specially the tripel karmeliet. Great (and tasty) idea for a blog.

Ricardo, from Portugal

Anonymous said...

I think there is a small pub in Elsene where you can drink it, not far from the bus stop of La Cambre...can't remember the name of the pub

p said...

A fine beer indeed.

Delerium in Brussels serves it - just got back from a stag weekend there and this was my favourite of all the beers we drank while there.

Now to a find a UK Seller.

Stuart said...

That is one blinding alcoholic beverage ! That and Boskeun are pretty similar. Sweet and thick !